Tuesday, 28 July 2009

'Unexpected Outcomes' and I will make you a personalised motivational fridge magnet!

I've had some unexpected outcomes!

I initially thought that writing 'Shared Experiences' was a very enriching experience, but I now think marketing it is equally so. Mainly because I am constantly amazed at how much effort my friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances are putting into spreading the word. I feel constantly humbled by their efforts. Today my friend Angela B forwarded me an email that she had sent to her mates and she has also offered to help with a major piece of fund raising later on in the year. It's so kind of her to put in so much effort in and I'm so grateful to her and everyone who has said 'yes' to buying a copy, have forwarded my link on, or have put one of my posters up on a notice-board somewhere. It feels like team-work so thank you. I hope you know that you really are helping to raise funds for Reach and children like Erin above, will benefit tremendously from your kindness .

Well I'm now a 'one woman road show' and last night I attended a Heathrow Rotary Club meeting as their 'after dinner' speaker. It's quite nice being an after dinner speaker - you get a great big fat cigar, a large brandy and you get to tell filthy jokes. I told a spectaculaly filthy joke about a doctor, his paient and a pair of under-pants........

However not last night, and not at Heathrow Rotary Club, who meet regularly at the Thistle Hotel, Longford and have a very civilised dinner before the meeting. We ate in the restaurant on the top floor with a terrace with the most amazing view of Terminal Five and the Northern run way. If you are an aviation enthusiast (or an anorak as I prefer to call you) then you must go and have a meal there. It's Heathrow's best kept secret. Well it was, but now I've told you!

Back to my evening with the Heathrow Rotarians. They are a lovely bunch of people (I've now made them sound like bananas) but they desperately need new members and you don't have to work at Heathrow to join. Let me know if you're interested and I'll email you th secretary's details.

They made me very welcome and I spoke to them for about 40 minutes about Reach and 'Shared Experiences'. Afterwards the President told us about her own grandmother who had grown up without an arm, went to Cambridge, drove a Rolls Royce and was partial to sawing branches off tress whist sitting on them.Clearly people with missing limbs are made of sterner stuff than other mere mortals!

The unexpected outcome was that Gillian, the president of Heathrow Rotary is very well connected to the Royal College of Midwives and is going to forward details to her associates. So another door opened. I'm delighted.

So I am now even more convinced that we attract whatever we focus on. If we think negative thoughts, we effectively draw them in, but equally if we think positive thoughts we draw them in too.

For the last few months I have been thinking very positive thoughts about how I am going to market 'shared Experiences and it's BLOODY working! I think the secret is to visualise what you want to achieve and go for it.

Reprogramming your thinking isn't easy and it doesn't happen overnight, but it is possible. So go for it! Think those positive thoughts and please let me know if you want me to if you want make a personaised motivational fridge magnet for you!

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  1. I've waited a long time for this book, can't wait to buy a copy!

  2. I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte for a couple of years until very recently and she is without doubt one of the most inspirational colleagues that I have ever known in my long career (the office seems very quiet now that she's moved on). Charlotte deserves every success with this venture - I am well aware from the blow-by-blow accounts how much she has put into the book and what it means to her! Watch out JK Rowling...
    Very best wishes, Richard Vandervord

  3. I've known about this book for the last 2 years and cant believe that the day is nearly upon us when we can actually get to buy a copy for ourselves.
    Charlotte is one of the most inspirational ladies I think I will ever meet in my lifetime and I hold the utmost respect and adoration for her in creating this wonderful book.
    Good luck

  4. have just stumbled upon this website and cant wait to get a copy of this book.