Friday, 24 July 2009

Frank Shapiro - Coach and Author

'A touching account that pulls no punches by saying what needs to be said regarding the fears of children and parents of children with upper limb deficiencies. Charlotte clearly displays an understanding of this topic and provides parents who find themselves worried about the future of a child with answers to questions that they might have. Her ‘cup half full’ approach is clear by the way she concentrates on the ability of the child when some may be stuck on the disability. By writing this book, Charlotte has given parents and children alike what they most need, reassurance.'

Frank Shapiro – Coach and Author

A note from Charlotte

Frank Shapiro is a Life Coach, Broadcaster, Freelance Writer, and Public Speaker. I met him on the Ventura. I attended his talk on 'personal passion' which was exceptional and at that point I realised that writing 'Shared Experiences' was my personal passion and not just my hobby.

The next day I started talking to Frank in the cyber-cafe and he is such an uplifing guy. The type of person who you want to stand next to for ages, so that some of his qualities rub off on you! Frank and I have become e-pals and there is a chance that if he is in the country, he will come along as an 'after dinner speaker' for a fundraiser I want to hold for Reach in 2010. If so, make you buy a ticket because he's good and you'll come away buzzing with enthusiasm.

Frank specializes in coaching High Profile people such as Models, Actors, Entertainers, and Celebrities, as well as Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Frank helps them discover how to achieve their career and personal goals, resulting in a more balanced life. Frank has a vast amount of experience in public speaking. He speaks on all subjects relating to health/well being and is available for workshops and seminars. Subjects covered also include personal development and business topics.

During Frank's 20 years of coaching, he has enabled scores of people to bring out the very best in themselves. His coaching background includes extensive corporate experience, where the emphasis has always been on the personal best of the individual, for the ultimate benefit of the entire organization.

Frank is especially interested now in the needs of the creative person, which stems from his association with an Entertainment Management company where he looks after artists, songwriters and producers. Subsequently, he has taken on the role of personal manager for a select group of this company’s clients, helping them to focus on achieving their individual career and personal goals.

Based on his experience as a coach, Frank believes that in order to be at your best, you need to be happy not only with your work but with your personal life as well. He also believes that his coaching works best for the person who feels they have a substantial gap between where they are now and where they want to be. In fact, he believes the wider the gap, the faster the results.

Frank has been professionally trained as a coach with Coach University. He is also a member of the International Coaching Federation and adheres to its pledge of standards, practices and ethics.

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