Saturday, 25 July 2009

Charlotte's thoughts on sales, cycle rides & other outcomes!

Thank you for looking at my 'Shared Experiences' blog which I have created to keep 'Shared Experiences' supporters up to date on where we are on the road to publication.

I appreciate all the interest and support expressed and demonstrated, as every copy sold makes money for Reach. During difficult and uncertain financial times small charities work hard to raise money so hopefully Shared Experiences will provide a steady income stream over the next few years. More about what Reach does with its donations in future blogs

Anyhow back to money - last night in the canteen at work, someone asked me about how much I would make from the sales. It was a well meant question because my colleague clearly thought I would have to be nuts to spent three years writing a book without payment! BUT please be assured this is my voluntary work. I am doing this for FREE.

I'm not on a percentage, so by buying a copy you are not paying for my next cruise!

There are of course other rewards. For example the sense of achievement and satisfaction of seeing something that started as a small idea becoming a stomping reality, but most of all my reward is the emails I have received from parents of children with visible deficiencies, some who contributed and many who didn't. That's really all the feedback I need. So if this book helps new parents through some dark days then how wonderful is that. And if you buy it because you are interested in other peoples' life experiences how wonderful are you - thank you.

A some what unexpected outcome is the increased level of interest this book has prompted in Reach

Now. I'm not a not a trustee of Reach - I am just a member, so please note whatever I say about Reach in these pages are my thoughts about the charity and I'm not expressing official views. I have to say that in case I inadvertently say something horribly controversial!

Back to the increased interest in Reach. Since I have been openly promoting Shared Experiences and talking to friends and colleagues about it, two of my colleagues are going to raise money for Reach on the Plymouth to Banjul rally (this will be covered in a future blog because it's a great story). Plus one of my friends is considering doing a cycle ride around Iceland (the country not the shop!) I cannot begin to describe how good it feels to engender such interest. I must have missed my true vocation selling replacement windows!

So please log into my blog from time to time. I somehow feel comforted knowing we're all hanging out together in cyber space!

woman on a mission

Please consider doing your 'on line' shopping via the attached link. It won't cost you an extra penny, but the retailers will give a percentage to Reach. Isn't that great? Thank you so much, for even thinking about it.

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