Saturday, 25 July 2009

Message from Gary Phillips - Chairman of Reach

"As a charity supporting families of children with disabilities, we know how important it is for parents to feel that they are not alone in their situation. Charlotte's book provides that reassurance through the many experiences she has gathered here. It is an amazing read and will appeal to anyone, whether they are professionally or personally touched by disability or just interested in other's life experiences."

Gary Phillips Chairman of Reach - June 2009

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Gary is a Reach parent, father to Matthew and Thomas. The family joined Reach when Matthew was born with an arm deficiency, which was found on the 20 week pregnancy scan. Since joining Reach in 2000 they have regularly attended events organised by their local branch Wessex as well as the Family AGM Weekends.
He is responsible for starting the leadership weekends, to provide suitable leaders for the activity week and other events. He works for a large public sector organisation in IT and has considerable experience in working with young people, organising adventure activity trips for 10 – 18 year olds and running several cadet units in St John Ambulance. He was also instrumental in putting together Reach child protection policies and the new website.
Gary wants to ensure that Reach is fit for the 21st century and with the development of the 5 year plan looks forward to working with the members to ensure Reach is around for another 30 years. He can be contacted on

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