Friday, 24 July 2009

Alexa Tewkesbury's review

Award winning writer Alexa Tewkesbury writes - Been very busy and among other things have just edited a book called Shared Experiences written for parents and relatives of children with upper limb deficiency. The book has been produced in conjunction with REACH, a charity set up to provide advice and support for those affected in any way by upper limb deficiency. Author, Charlotte Fielder, has painstakingly brought together true stories, reflections and observations from parents bringing up upper limb deficient children - and they make amazing reading. When you have a visibly different child, it's not just about coping with your own emotions and the practicalities of life. It's about dealing with other people's reactions, too. Sad to say, many of the recorded experiences aren't good. Then again, many have found things far easier than they ever thought they would, and the humour both parents and children have been able to apply to their situations is definitely up-lifting. This isn't a book weighed down with full-on emotional trauma or heavy-weight psychology. Reading it is a lot like sitting down over a cup of coffee and having a chat with Charlotte herself. It's friendly and accessible - and where she shares any personal thoughts, it's safe to say Charlotte knows exactly what she's talking about. She herself was born with an upper limb deficiency. As she says in the book, she's been through it all, and the warmth and generosity of her personality shine through as she recounts, sometimes with startling honesty, what it's like to grow up with a visible difference in a world where tolerance for such things can at times be harshly sparse. Whether, you're affected by the issues or not, Shared Experiences is an informative, eye-opening and, at times, delightfully funny read.

Note from Charlotte

I adore Alexa. Not only is she an award-winning writer of many books for children, as well as an editor, proof reader, copywriter, story teller and voiceover artist, working with publishers, designers and film makers nationwide but she is also a genuinely lovely person and I would thorougly recommend her as an editor.

Based in the UK, Alexa works on a freelance basis and will undertake all types of writing commissions, such as corporate literature, advertising copy, website text and magazine articles.
She also offers services as an editor and proof reader, allowing you to make the most of your written words.

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Whatever you want to say, Alexa will help you say it precisely and professionally – because, after all… words matter.

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